About Us

The earliest record of Lutherans around Chicora goes all the way back to the 1820’s. Back then, a preaching post was established on what is now, Route 268. In 1832, a log church building, shared with German Reformed people was built on Kittannning Pike site about two miles from our present site.

Meanwhile, during the 1840’s Lutheran ministers from Butler came out on Sunday afternoons to Chicora to meet, preach, and teach the German settlers there. On December 30, 1848, Rev. Eli Fair and sixteen members formed the First Evangelical Lutheran Church of Millerstown (the name then for Chicora). When some of those German settlers still wanted to worship in German, a second Lutheran congregation, St. Paul Evangelical Lutheran Church was formed one year later on October 15, 1849, with Rev. J.G. Hahn as their pastor.

As the years went on, the Lutherans worshipping in the country with the German Reformed people desired their own church. And so, with the help and leadership of Rev. Eli Miller, who was serving First Lutheran Church in Chicora at that time, Mt. Pleasant Lutheran Church was founded on October 28, 1888. One additional German Language Lutheran congregation was formed in Brady’s Bend in 1865 at the request of the German settlers there. Zion Lutheran Church of Brady’s Bend remained a separate congregation for 90 years, served by the pastors of St. Paul Lutheran Church in Chicora.

Life went on well for all of the congregations. St. Paul Lutheran Church in 1888 called a young pastor right out of seminary, Rev. C.F.W. Brecht. He served his entire ministry at St. Paul. In 1958, the members of St. Paul Lutheran Church celebrated 70 uninterrupted years with Rev. Brecht as their minister.

With the improvements of the highways, worship became possible early in the morning out in the country, and then late in the morning back in Chicora. Through the early 1900’s up until the mid 1980’s, there were two ministers serving four congregations.

During and following World War I, German was dropped as the worship language at St. Paul’s and Zion congregations. By the 1960’s and 1970’s, the continuing independence of the congregations had become more a matter of loyalty to the congregation where one grew up, rather than a necessity. In late 1954, Zion Lutheran Church in Brady’s Bend closed.

In the late 1970’s two pastors, Rev. Allen Riethmiller, serving First Lutheran and Mt. Pleasant Lutheran and Rev. Robert Baker, serving St. Paul Lutheran, laid the groundwork for the cooperation and the eventual consolidation that led to the formation of the Chicora Area Lutheran Parish.

In 1985, Rev. James Higgins was called as pastor of these three congregations. A single congregation, Chicora Area Lutheran Church, using three buildings, was formed on January 1, 1988.

Planning, visioning and efforts continued. The decision to buy the tract of land where our church home sits now was made. The ground breaking for a new building was held on August 30, 1992. The new building was built during the winter and the congregation moved in and dedicated it on May 2, 1993. It was at that time also that the new name, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church, was adopted.

New life was breathed into the Lutheran Church in Chicora. Holy Trinity Lutheran Church is a welcoming, lively congregation. The people of Holy Trinity are involved in many, many activities, both for ourselves and for the community in which we live. For the first time in 150 years, a unified witness of the Gospel to the community in which we live from the Lutheran tradition can be proclaimed. It should not be underestimated what that means.

In the past fifteen years, Holy Trinity Lutheran Church has grown in mission, ministry, outreach, giving, and membership. And so God challenges us as called people at Holy Trinity Lutheran Church. We are challenged to share our time, our abilities, our possessions, and ourselves to worship God; to celebrate the glory of God; to learn about and experience God’s love in our own lives, and to share God’s love with others by spreading our faith; and to serve and help others in their needs. In August 2010, Pastor Higgins retired after serving our congregation for 25 years.

In January 2011, Rev. Joseph Boomhower accepted the call from our congregation to serve as our full time pastor. We continue to grow in faith, numbers, and service through his leadership.