From Our Missionary

Subject: Advent Blessings from Your Missionary in Singapore

Dear Friends:

It seems like every time that we look back on the year that is past we think that it was a terrible year!  This year appears to be no exception, especially with the tensions over North Korea’s missile and nuclear weapons programs and now the upheaval over the decision to acknowledge Jerusalem as Israel’s official capital. Is there no end to the conflicts of this world? 

As Christians, we know that the answer to this question is “yes.” In Advent, our hearts and minds are turned toward Jesus the Coming Lord, whose reign of peace has begun. Obviously, his work is not finished, and so we wait. But as we wait we endeavor to be signs of his kingdom through words and deeds of love, even toward those whom we dislike and with whom we disagree.  And of course, we pray “Come, Lord Jesus.”
The time of waiting may be filled with sorrow and discouragement, but the Lord himself stands with us, and we can taste this coming kingdom when we eat the bread and drink the cup that are his body and blood. “Come, Lord Jesus,” then, is not a cry of despair, but a shout hope! May the Coming Lord keep your hearts and minds focused the hope that is to come.
As always, receive my gratitude for your journeying with me in my ministry of teaching at Trinity Theological College, Singapore.
Regards in Christ,
Jeff Truscott