Welcome to HTLC

From 1888 to 1958, Chicora Lutherans were served by Pastor Brecht; 70 years is a record of service in the United States.  For another 26 years, our parish was served by Pastor Higgins.  Do the math:  96 years of service by just two pastors!  The reason?  Those two pastors along with the Christians they served took the Gospel both seriously and joyfully.  Today, Holy Trinity is a joyful church, serving the Lord in word and deed, in word and sacrament.  As the Body of Christ, we still see our mission to preach, teach, administer, the sacraments, and help our community grow in Christ.  We are a busy and joyful church, a welcome place.

This website offers a new phase of our ministry and our communication.  Please use it to link to our outstanding Sunday school program and pre-school, the times and events that happen by week and by year, the worship services, our recent newsletters, our service opportunities, and the leaders of our congregation.  It is our hope that this website will grow like we will grow.

Come visit.  Come and see what AWESOME things God can do right here in our church for us and for our community.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Joe